Where is my order?




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    Absolutlaziza Absolut
    I asked you a question about delivery times and you said that if I order in February 2019 I will have my toothbrush order in May 2019.
    So can you explain to me why so far I still have not received?
    On September 13, 2017 I ordered 1 toothbrush and we are almost in March 2019 and to this day I still have not received.
    I was promised first delivery in February 2018.
    Then July 2018.
    And yet another date September 2018.
    We are March 2019 and still nothing received.
    Today you dare to answer that if I order in February 2019 the order will arrive in May 2019!


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    I’m still waiting for a response regarding delivery date. I preordered with Indiegogo back in 2017

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    Jeldert de Bildt

    like Sidneiruizjr said, i would like to know something about the delivry date, or at least an option to see my order somewhere aside from the survey i filled in

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    Stuart Eagles

    Backed the Kickstarter on 2017/08/03.  Still not even received notice that it has shipped

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    Brittainy Wagner

    I purchased this in September of 2018 and still have yet to receive my order. this wouldn't be so bad if the company would openly discuss the delay process and not leave it up to us to contact them. i'll be requesting a refund as communication is poor and even the link they send you to about getting an estimated shipping date is only in german and the link doesn't work. poor service, poor website design.

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