When will you be shipping?




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    kris griffis

    So I ordered a month ago Sept 1 were am I at as far as u sending my iteam what date this month u give veg answers all u say  earliestorders first were am I at could it be another month

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    Jonathan Ewing

    Hey Kris some of us have been waiting for over a year. Take a number....

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    Heather Lawrence

    I ordered October 2017. I expect a product or my money back. This is ridiculous! Why isn't there any support on the website for backers? Why hasn't there been an update recently? Where are our products?

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    Yurii Haiovyi

    So when are you gonna ship amost 3yrs old US orders? Why a heck are you shipping new orders?

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    Ammar Rehman

    Order placed on January 10, 2018. 1 year 4 months later and still no product. What are you doing to remedy this horrible experience for customers like me?

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    Medical Director


    I have been waiting for two years to deliver two devices that I have paid for. I have no answer to this day. I ask for your response or refund.


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